How to visit every great restaurant in America (or at least tell everyone you did)

As I've traveled around the country, I've been able to acquire cool souvenirs from innumerate restaurants and bars. Especially t-shirts - they wear well, and people ask about the place, bringing back fond memories of excellent meals gone by.

Most of them I'll never see again, and worse, there are hundreds I'll never get to visit. Every day, social feeds are populated with lists of great restaurants, cool local wing joints, five star Michelin bistros and awesome noodle shops. All of which reminds me of that unfortunate situation. I don't know why it bothers me - I guess I just love food and t-shirts.

So, I thought it would nifty to buy a few shirts (or something) from some of these places I'll never get to patronize. Well, most don't have an e-commerce function. But some do, and a lot of them are just swell.

This is a really bad example

So this site will be devoted to breaking down those Top Eleventy Best Whatever lists and see what they have to offer. I'll try to review one or two per week. Subscribe so you don't miss anything, and use the links provided to buy your new shirt or hat.

You may never get a chance to visit the vast majority of these eateries. However, if you purchase a shirt or hat from them, you can tell everyone you did. Of course, you'll need a great story to go along with the swag...but that's on you.

(P.S. I'll credit the writer and publication whenever possible)

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